About Us

 is a celebration of colour, couture, community and caring. The event takes guests on a 90-minute theatrical journey through the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. The inaugural event involves over 100 volunteer artists, entertainers and technicians donating their time and talent to benefit Positive Living BC’s services that help people living with HIV.

“Twenty years ago, people were dying from AIDS… we lost many of the most artistic, creative, passionate people in our community,” said the show’s producer, Dean Thullner. For Thullner, the event is a dramatic homage to them, as well as “a reminder that all of us are still needed and affected in this cause,” says Thullner. “As a gay man living with HIV I’ve had a lot of support dealing with my illness from my community and this is an opportunity for Vancouver’s finest creative community to pay some of that forward and remind aboriginal women and men and so many others struggling with HIV that we are still a community that cares and understands the need for support!”

RED is going to re-energize our community in ways we haven’t seen in decades,” says Valerie Nicholson, Chair of the Positive Living BC Board. “Already, we’re excited to see so many dedicated, talented and giving volunteers putting on this extravagant show to help our members THRIVE.”

The impact of living with HIV is often forgotten now that so many are living longer with the disease, but as Thullner’s own life illustrates, the journey is not an easy one. “There are times I needed critical support, and I want to make sure that support is there for everyone who needs it.”

Proceeds from RED bolster the health and confidence of people living with HIV across the province, empowering them to manage the social, medical and legal challenges of living with HIV. Positive Living BC is Canada’s largest HIV organization run by and for its HIV-positive members; annually, the Society sees over 16,000 visits. RED helps support different populations within our membership, including men, indigenous peoples, and women.

For more information, please contact:
Ken Coolen, Special Events Coordinator
Positive Living BC
T: 604-893-2242
E: kenc@positivelivingbc.org